ABREN works with Investors, Sponsors and Entrepreneurs to create meaningful impact that includes sustainable risk adjusted returns for stakeholders, environmentally beneficial operations and productive social outcomes.


ABREN enhances returns and mitigates risk drawing on finance and development expertise, including financial risk analysis, risk adjusted pricing frameworks, comprehensive life-cycle project development processes, project and credit structuring solutions, appropriate solutions for emerging markets, and so much more.  

Impact CFO


ABREN partners with small and medium companies to analyze growth options, put in place financial and management goals, and prepare for and lead capital raising activities to achieve client's growth objectives.

Investment Support


Drawing on deep experience in policy regulation, investment management and risk mitigation, ABREN helps investors and project sponsors to create and manage thorough Investment Committee protocols and underwriting due diligence standards for infrastructure investments in the US, Latin America, Africa and South East Asia.


Development Services


ABREN is a trusted partner to manage capital strategies and asset strategies specific to entering new global markets, project managing complex infrastructure and corporate processes, and developing market appropriate investment products for infrastructure assets.