Sustainable Infrastructure. Simplified.

ABREN opens pathways for investment into critical funding gaps in order to transform the world and achieve appropriate risk adjusted returns.  ABREN works with investors to stimulate capital flows into infrastructure technology and emerging markets, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure - renewable energy, water management, waste reduction and reuse, sustainable agriculture, food security, and the build environment
  • Global Emerging Markets with hands on project, corporate and development experience in Latin America, Africa, South-East Asia, and the Middle East
  • Domestic Emerging Markets in the US where new technologies must evolve through early proofs of concept, pilot projects and commercialization 
  • Structured Finance to achieve appropriate risk adjusted returns at each level of the capital stack through blended finance, credit enhancement and risk mitigation.

Our future balance requires a shift in investment approach to embrace long-term sustainable resource use that delivers long term economic and financial prosperity.  The current extractive economy, which is increasingly free from regulations that protect environmental externalities and the provision of minimal social needs, has led to increasing income inequality, environmental destruction and an uncertain future for billions of people.  The UN Conference on Trade and Development estimated that between $5 and $7 trillion are needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, with a $2.5 trillion funding gap in developing countries.


ABREN expands client participation in this market by streamlining investment due diligence, project structuring and financing strategies in order to access high impact markets, while achieving appropriate risk adjusted returns for investors.   


Women's Circle

Impact isn’t an asset class, it’s a way of life. 

                   We challenge ourselves every day to ask:


• How does our work mitigate climate change and restore ecosystems?

• Are risk adjusted financial returns for investors aligned?

• How are we building more connected resilient    

  communities of families earning meaningful livelihoods? 

• How do our programs and management honor integrity,

  humanity and justice?



• Environmentally regenerative or neutral 

• Promotes dignified livelihoods and shared prosperity

• Competitive risk adjusted returns 

• Distributed solutions diversify portfolio risk, create jobs, and reduce burdens on centralized infrastructure 

Abren focuses on Sustainable Infrastructure that transforms ecosystems and builds resilient communities and economies, while creating prosperity for investors and stakeholders.  Infrastructure projects address renewable energy, food and agriculture, water efficiency and management, waste reduction and recovery, and the built environment.