Sustainable Infrastructure. Simplified.

ABREN works with investors and developers to transform the world by stimulating capital flows into critical funding gaps while achieving appropriate risk adjusted returns. ABREN's investment qualification framework is rooted in over 30 years of sustainable development expertise informed by climate science, financial structuring, behavioral economics and human potential. ABREN and its partners provide technical support and investment capital to early-stage climate companies and projects to prove their commercial viability.


ABREN works with partners to:

  • Provide technical support in the form of financial, engineering, project development and science capacity to climate entrepreneurs to develop and deliver viable climate impact projects. 
  • Raise and manage a family of impact funds that are rooted in science and community needs.
  • Apply a rigorous investment process that embeds climate metrics into investment criteria and applies full cost analysis to risk adjusted pricing.

Key ABREN markets include: 

  • Sustainable Infrastructure - natural capital and built environment solutions including water management, waste reduction and reuse, renewable energy, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, food security, and housing.
  • Emerging Markets - around the world including lower income countries and underserved or neglected communities in the US.  


Inclusive Growth for the Benefit of the Environment and Society


Innovation + Empowerment + Investment = Regeneration + Inclusion + Prosperity  


With increasing institutional funding available to invest in the urgent climate crisis, capital must flow into priority, challenging solutions that create immediate and sustainable impacts for the environment and community stakeholders.  To meaningfully address climate impacts, it is estimated that more than:


A significant challenge is that many high-impact climate-smart solutions are relatively young, require focused local expertise and community engagement, and need patient funding and consistent technical assistance to scale pilot projects into attractive investment opportunities for larger investors.  These needs are frequently missed by many traditional investors who typically prefer to invest in large scale projects developed by well-established development partners.  


ABREN expands client participation in this market by streamlining investment due diligence, project structuring and financing strategies in order to access high impact markets, while achieving appropriate risk adjusted returns for investors.   


Women's Circle

Impact isn’t an asset class, it’s a way of life. 

We each have a role to play - investors, developers, entrepreneurs and community members - to build a vibrant and resilient future.


At ABREN, we challenge ourselves every day to ask:

• How does our work mitigate climate change and restore ecosystems?

• Are risk adjusted financial returns for investors aligned?

• How are we building more connected resilient    

  communities of families earning meaningful livelihoods? 

• How do our programs and management honor integrity,

  humanity and justice?



Sustainability balances stakeholder needs over the long term and multiple generations.

• Environmentally regenerative or neutral 

• Promotes dignified livelihoods and shared prosperity

• Competitive risk adjusted returns 

• Distributed solutions diversify portfolio risk, create jobs, and reduce burdens on centralized infrastructure 

Abren focuses on Sustainable Infrastructure that transforms ecosystems and builds resilient communities and economies, while creating prosperity for investors and stakeholders.  Infrastructure projects address essential ecosystem services provided by biodiverse water and land habitats, alongside sustainable human adaptation in the built environment.  This includes projects in water protection, efficiency, and management, renewable energy, food and agriculture, waste reduction and recovery, and housing and green buildings.


Karin Berardo, Founder


Karin has worked to create enduring impact for the planet for over 30 years, from developing sustainable agriculture and forestry policy in the Brazilian Amazon, to expanding affordable housing in the US and Africa, and from leading renewable energy financing innovations on 5 continents to creating cutting edge natural capital finance solutions for sovereigns and entrepreneurs to protect and restore the world's oceans, coral reefs and coastal communities.  Developing and financing projects that balance the needs of people, the environment and capital requires care and insight, and has been the cornerstone of her career.


In Karin's asset management and development work, she has helped raise over $2 billion to finance natural capital solutions renewable energy, affordable housing and real estate, water, waste and food projects around the world.  This includes helping to establish the first commercial solar programs in Thailand, the Philippines, and Rwanda; and the first workforce housing financing facilities in South Africa, as well as working with investors and corporations to embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into business planning, reporting, product offerings and investment criteria.  Karin realized this work with ABREN clients, and at The Nature Conservancy, Fannie Mae, Stumpf Energy, Exyte Energy, CleanPath Ventures, Fotowatio, MuniMae and Accenture.  She received her MBA, MPP and BA from the University of Chicago.