Perspectives on Impactful Capitalism

March, 2024.  Global Trends in Sustainability

The Capital Club of Dubai hosted an excellent conversation among sustainability professionals from around the world, including Arun Kelshiker of OWL ESG UK, Arun Kumar of ADV Partners Management Singapore, Aruna Narayanan of Real Impact UAE, Calvin Chu of Eden Strategies Singapore, and Harbinder Singh of Yes Full Circle UAE.  Watch the LinkedIn Live replay here

September, 2023.  Building a Capital Continuum for Nature-Positive Investments 

CPIC, Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation

Diana Denke, Edit Kiss, Anvitha Prasad, Elmedina Krilasevic, Shaalini Ganesalingam, Karin Berardo, James Pilkington 

December 3, 2021. Financing of Marine and Coastal Resources

Banco de Mexico, Biodiversity and environmental challenges for the financial system - Panel 6


September 26, 2019.  SunCast Podcast with Nico Johnson.

Episode 186, "Karin Berardo, ESG & Impact Investing." 

July 10, 2019.  Toolkit to Rebalance Capitalism