Our Story

Cultivating deep impact is in our DNA.  It drives us to create bold new investment models that transform the world by restoring environmental balance, honoring dignity and justice in our communities, and achieving a competitive return to invested capital.  


Abren evolves out of SIRES Advisors, a global consulting platform, and blends the deep expertise and vision of our team to create a new kind of company.  We are a consortium of women and men dedicated to achieving deep impact aligned with conscious and regenerative capitalism.  We are stewards for our capital, our communities and our environment, and bring this spirit of stewardship to our key services: 

  • Preparing Soil - Thought Leadership around impact investing models, metrics and data driven solutions 
  • Planting Seeds - Impact CFO solutions to change-making companies as they grown into greater versions of themselves
  • Tending - Implementing rigorous data driven risk management processes to ensure the long term viability and impact of technical solutions
  • Harvesting - Investing in select opportunities that achieve deep impact, financially, environmentally and socially.

We focus on sustainable infrastructure - the physical building blocks of our society -  energy, food, water, waste and housing.   

Our Values

Be Authentic.  Self knowledge is required for meaningful action.
Align with Honesty.  Connect around shared goals, while maintaining honesty and authenticity.
Gratitude, then Greatness.  Be thankful for accomplishments, and then strive for more.
Be Audacious and Grounded.  Aim for the audacious, but leverage data and pragmatism to ensure success.
Frame, Listen, Reframe.  Understand the box, and then be willing to apply a whole new container.
Create Interconnected Prosperity.  Fairly compensate financial capital, human capital and ecosystem stakeholders. 


Abren is a woman-led business that operates as a collaborative of professionals with deep expertise across a range of specialties in sustainable infrastructure.  Our Advisory Professionals provide insight into emerging issues and unique solutions to expand Abren’s impact for its clients, customers and portfolios.