Interviews · 26. September 2019
It was great to reconnect with Nico Johnson, the visionary founder of the SunCast community. We discuss ESG, sustainable finance and living a meaningful life.
Interviews · 28. August 2019
A conversation with Beth Wonson, founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogues, about how money stories and leadership, and how ESG and activist consumers help improve capitalism
Blogs · 10. July 2019
Capitalism feels a little toxic these days. Here are some strategies to realign to a more sustainable and impactful capitalism that better serves our collective needs.
Blogs · 23. December 2018
As a mother of young children and a woman defending my career in finance, whenever a gift giving holiday arrived I would say that the only thing I wanted was time. Could you please give me another hour or two in my week? It was a joke, kind of. But really what I wanted more than anything was more time to sleep, more time to spend with my sons, and more time to prove to the men at the office that I deserved a place in their 'sacred circle' despite being a woman and a mother. And I didn’t even...